Benton City Council Approves Uniforms for Water, Sewer Employees

BENTON – The Benton City Council approved uniforms for the city’s water and sewer department employees at Monday night’s meeting.

The recommendation for the change came from Public Property Commissioner Ian Zane Perkins. Perkins says in times past; workers would go to work in blue jeans and a t-shirt or something of that nature and the city would give them some sort of an allowance to go out and buy jeans and t-shirts. Perkins says employees will now be wearing more of a uniform than they have in the past.

Perkins told the council he didn’t know what to expect when discussing uniforms with water and sewer employees, but says they are for it and welcome the change.

Perkins says street department employees will not be affected by this change. Water and sewer department employees are expected to go to uniforms sometime this summer.